We can clean commercial buildings, work places, public garages and municipal properties. Our dustless blasting machines will clean and restore any type of surface including concrete, stone, granite, tiles, marble and wood.

Dustless blasting is the prefect tool for removing pavement / road stripping. The dustless process removes paint and thermoplastic completely, leaving no trace behind. Unlike traditional sand blasters this process does not cause any damage to the concrete or road surface.

It has been estimated that billions of thoughtlessly discarded pieces of chewing gum litter our walkways. Traditional methods of removal often cause inconvenience to customers and damage to the surface being cleaned. They are also slow, costly and ineffective.
Now with the combination of water and a suitable environmentally friendly cleaning agent, chewing gum can be quickly and completely removed.

Because little containment is needed there are no need for shutdowns, and because of our environmentally friendly medias, others can work and walk around safely.

Because we are the most simplest, fastest and environmentally friendly we can save your business time and money!