Apart from sealing your roof we also offer a property protection and sealing service. We use a high performance, solvent based water repellent, specifically designed to protect porous substrates from water penetration. Effectively protecting your masonry, brick, stone and concrete from the rainwater penetration.

Our property sealant is a BBA approved deeply penetrating water repellent cream for brick, stone, and concrete. Due to its cream-based formulation it is able to penetrate more deeply into masonry than standard liquid-applied brick sealer products.

Breathable and Colourless

Our silane/siloxane technology works by lining the pores of porous bricks, rather than blocking them – allowing the wall to continue to breathe. This is in contrast to many standard brick sealer products, which coat the masonry with a thin film

The sealant has been specially formulated to be colourless once dry, which allows the walls to retain their original appearance once protected against penetrating damp.

25 Year protection in a Single Coat

BBA testing showed that our Water Repellent Cream offers 25 year protection against penetrating damp. Its cream formulation allows it to penetrate deeper into porous bricks than standard brick sealants. For this reason our sealant saves time and hassle by only requiring one coat, where other products require two or more.

Energy Saving

Our sealant ensures that the masonry remains dry throughout the year. This maximises its thermal resistance, as dry walls are better insulators than wet walls and our sealant is verified by the Energy Saving Trust