Residential and Commercial Roof Cleaning.

Roofs can become very unsightly due to organic growths like moss and lichen and a serious build-up of this and dirt is likely to cause major problems with your roof. The life span of tiles may be affected eventually, but for most people cleaning their roof is purely an aesthetic decision. The difference between a clean roof and one that hasn't been cleaned is night and day. High pressure washing is not recommended by Roofing associations and manufacturers. High pressure cleaning may remove moss from the roof, but the aggressive jets of water may remove and damage tiles and other roof fittings, risk flooding a loft, and there is a good chance that the moss will grow back.

Our specialist machine will thoroughly clean the roofs surface using non-aggressive water pressure. The surface is lightly brushed and scraped as the machine passes over it, which means no damage to the tiles or roof is made. Best of all if you don't wish to have it treated and sealed, any signs of spores and plant growth are removed for months to come.

Unlike most companies who use pressure cleaning we don't have to walk all over the roof which may dislodge or even break your roof tiles.

Your gutters will also be cleaned during the process.

We can then apply a biocidal wash to kill all pesticides and prevent future moss, lichen and Algae.

We also offer a Roof sealant coating which creates a water repellent barrier and protects against re-growth of moss and algae growth.

Our Roof Tile Sealer is a high quality, clear, solvent free acrylic impregnating sealer for concrete, clay tile or slate roofs. Application of the tile sealer will alter the chemical structure of any  roof tile and  provide an excellent water repellent  surface.

Product Benefits Include

Suitable for slate, clay tiles and concrete tiles

Highly resistant to water, staining and organic growth

Will not change appearance of roof tile

Fully waterproof 24 hours

Lifespan up to 10 years

Solvent free impregnating sealant.

The biocidal wash and the roof sealant are optional extras to the roof cleaning process but it is highly recommended for your roofs life span and the cost is less than 5% of what a new roof would cost.